Whether your goal is customer retention, increased sales, creating brand advocacy, or engaging new leads, CustomerRave can help.

Mix and match your favorite personalized products to create your very own appreciation packages that best suit your individual needs.

  • Say "Thank You" for a customer's business or for a referral
  • Acknowledge a birthday, anniversary, or another one of life’s celebrations
  • Impress a prospect or reach out with a unique follow-up
  • Extend seasonal or holiday greetings
  • Show gratitude to your employees in a unique way
  • Promote a special event or a company milestone

CustomerRave is perfect for:

Thank You Program: The easiest method to build a lasting relationship is to say "thank you".
While it may seem like a small gesture, your customers will surely remember how you went out
of your way to display your gratitude.

Prospect & Follow-up Program: For those hard to reach leads, try to think out of the box…
by wrapping it up and filling it with personalized treats that are a surefire way to get your foot in the door.

Referrals: What better way is there to say "thanks for the referral" than with a 4.4 oz behemoth of a
candy bar? Not to mention the personalized wrapper, gift wrap, and all of the other absolutely original
products we offer.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays & Celebrations: A friendly token of gratitude during your
client’s most memorable life moments can be the difference between an occasional customer and
a loyal customer.

Employee Recognition: Show your valued employees what an integral part of your corporate team
they are with customized recognition packages. Motivate your players to work hard by "presenting"
them with your appreciation.